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Sleep Well This Spring !

Sleeping is crucial for our overall health. It boosts our immune systems, mind, and body. Do you sleep the recommended 7-9 hours a night, but still seem to wake up tired? Not all sleep is restful; here are some tips to have more quality sleep in your apartment.

First and foremost, your sleeping environment matters. A better sleeping environment will create a better night’s sleep. Cool temperatures promote the best sleep. Turn down the temperature. This is easily accomplished if you have a setback thermostat.  A cool bedroom will  cause your body to regulate itself under the covers.  Another factor on your sleep quality is light exposure. Overlook Lakes Apartments has wonderful, large windows, and great daytime light. Window treatments are provided for each bedroom; make sure you close your blinds each night. This will eliminate any light disturbances. A cool, dark, and comfortable bedroom will change your sleep quality immediately.

Reduce noise levels from media and the environment. Eliminate noise from technology sources so nothing will disturb you in the middle of the night. Also, some people find is easier to fall asleep with soft nature sounds playing in the background. Overlook Lakes is known for being a quiet community. Situated alongside the Root River Parkway, Overlook Lakes naturally provides a serene environment. It is hidden from the busy roads and traffic so outside noises are at a minimum.

Daylight savings starts on Sunday March 8th this year. We lose an hour of sleep, but with a few sleeping adjustments, you won’t notice the difference. Are you looking for a peaceful apartment community to move to? Overlook Lakes has a few units available for Spring. Contact Cecily at 414-427-5715 or click on Information.    Sleep well this Spring.

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