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Improve The Quality of Air in Your Apartment with These 5 Plants

When your doors and windows are closed up tight during these long winter months, are you concerned about the air quality inside your apartment? If so, there is a simple thing you can do - add plants! Below, I have listed five different plants that are perfect for helping to keep the air you breathe in your apartment nice and clean and fresh.

1. Dragon Tree

If you live in an apartment with a lot of space, you might want a plant with a prominent appearance. In that case get a dragon tree. This plant is a larger option, and it is certainly able to improve the quality of air in your space. It's also an easy plant to maintain, so no worries if you have the opposite of a green thumb. It's a good choice to help remove toxins, including trichloroethylene and xylene, from the air in your apartment. 

2. Ficus

Ficus plants don't have to be very large. You can get one that is small enough to set on top of your desk or an end table. Because small is an option, these plants are an excellent choice for people who live in smaller apartments with tighter space. While ficus plants can be small, they are still very good at keeping the air in your apartment clean. And, if you get small ones, you might be able to place more than one ficus plant around your apartment.

3. Peace Lily 

A peace lily is a great choice if you want a plant that will add to the decor of your apartment. Peace lillies are stunning flowered plants that compliment a variety of different styles. And though the flowers are beautiful, they are no less productive. Peace lillies can still improve the air in your apartment just as well as the greener plants. Plus, if you love the way the flowers look, this is definitely the type of plant you want to show around your apartment. 

4. Rubber Plant

No, I don't mean an artificial plant. Those just collect dust, quite the opposite of cleaning your air. Rubber plants, also called rubber fig, rubber bush, and rubber tree, get their name from the large, rubber-like leaves. Though these plants do have a white latex substance within, these are not the plants used for typical commercial rubber production. Rubber plants are excellent for apartment dwellers because they are so easy to take care of. They also do an excellent job at improving the air quality in an enclosed space. Put a rubber plant in an open corner, and your apartment air will be much cleaner. 

5. Spider Plant 

I'm not a fan of spiders, so I don't really like the sound of a spider plant. Good thing they don't attract the crawly creatures! Spider plants can be rather smallish and they can do much to improve the air in your rooms. They are an especially good plant to have in your bedroom because one of their biggest advantages is that they can remove carbon monoxide that's in the air. Because of this special talent, a spider plant within your apartment could help save your life. (Though you should not rely on a plant to keep your place free of carbon monoxide.)

If you are concerned about the air quality within your apartment, one of the best things you can do is add a few plants. All five of the plants listed here are friendly for apartment use, and each one of these plants is likely to have a nice positive impact on the air you breathe.

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