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Tips for a New Year's Eve Party at Your Apartment

New Year's Eve is an time when people can forget about all that has come before and eagerly look forward to the happy times coming in the new year. It is common to celebrate on this day by having a party with your friends. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind if you want to throw a great party at your apartment.

Things to Do

1. Talk to your neighbors, and let them know you are going to have a New Year's Eve party. You are an adult living in your own apartment, so it's not like you're asking permission. Instead, this is about respecting those who live in the space around you. By giving them advance notice about your party plans, it gives them time to make other plans if they would rather not be disturbed by your festivities. Doing this can also prevent people from calling management or the police if things get loud. After all, they were warned that it might be noisy. Of course you can take it a step further and invite your neighbors if they will be a good fit with the rest of the crowd.

2. Plan ahead... Have designated drivers on hand for those who will be drinking. This is especially important for smaller apartments that cannot easily accommodate very many overnight guests. As a good host you can prepare for how everyone will get home. It is good to have some people available who do not drink so that they can take home anyone who has a bit too much. If you cannot find anyone willing to take on this role, then be prepared with taxi number as well as Uber or Lyft apps to make driving arrangements.

3. Have a lot of food even if you are not inviting very many people. One thing that can ruin an otherwise excellent party is running out of stuff for people to eat. Some may perceive a dwindling supply of unreplenished snacks as a sign that the party is ending. You may be concerned about buying too much, but having munchies left over is much better than having people leave early or going hungry.

Things to Avoid

1. Do not invite too many people. Many apartments lack the space for a large gathering. Even if you have room for a large crowd, doing so increases the noise and impact on more of your neighbors. Also, if it feels crowded people will not be able to roam around and mingle as much as they might like. This will create a negative experience for some of your guests. Carefully consider the amount of space you will need as you try to decide who to invite. If space is really limited, focus on those whose presence will mean the most to you instead of inviting everyone that you know.

2. Do not forget to keep the TV on. Having the TV turned on in the background of most parties is not a good idea, but it's different for New Year's Eve. Everyone around the world is celebrating along with you and some of your guests will want to see the ball drop and be a part of larger festivities. Your TV opens that window to the world on this night. Even if you do the countdown on your own, it's still a special moment when you see others doing the same thing in other cities.

Throwing a party does not have to be difficult, and if you pay attention to a few details you can make the party evening better than ever. Keep these tips in mind when you plan your New Year's Eve party at your apartment.

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