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Holiday Decorating Tips For Your Apartment

Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you have to skimp on or skip out of holiday decorating. The key to successfully decorating your apartment is to be strategic in your approach. In this post, I am giving you some top tips to help with your holiday decorating.

1. Start With The Front Door

In some apartments space for decorating is the problem. But every apartment has a door. By putting decorations on the door, both sides, you can kick off the entry into your living space with festivity that uses up none of your premium space. This is easy and effective.

2. Decorate Your Tables

Tables are already in place and they take up a lot of floor space. Instead of using additional floor space to hold your decorations, use your tables. Since tables are large solid platforms they are stable for a variety of different types of decorations from candles to trees and anything in between. By decorating tables you are not using up floor space that could otherwise be occupied by your family or friends during your holiday get-togethers. 

3. How About Your Balcony?

Does your apartment have a balcony? If so, string up some lights on it. This can be a quick and easy decorating idea that makes an impression inside while taking up no inside space. And it can be a nice greeting for those outside the building too. On the hand, if you do not have a balcony, you can still string up lights around your windows.

4. Use Christmas Colors

Colors are always important when you're decorating. This time of year, red and green Christmas colors can always be useful to get your apartment into the festive spirit of the season.

5. Hang Stockings With Care

You don't have to have a fireplace to hang stockings. Of course if you do, it's the perfect spot. But without a fireplace, how about a wall or on a bookcase shelf? Stockings add to the festive air of the place. Plus, it's another nice decoration that does not take up any floor space so this is especially good if such space is at a premium.

6. Get A Small Tree

Another good option that is easily available if you feel that your space is a bit tight, is to get a small artificial tree. Small trees can be decorated just like larger trees, but they take up less floor space, and they won't make your room feel as crowded. Another option that doesn't use up space is to hang missiletoe somewhere in your apartment.

By following the tips given here, you can easily decorate your apartment for Christmas and save space in the process.

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