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Apartment Safety

With Summer ending, this brings beautiful fall colors throughout the neighborhood. The weather is changing and so is the amount of sunlight we are getting each day. The sun is going down sooner, so its best to be more aware of your home living community. With fall and winter approaching it is important for you to be safe in your apartment.

It is great time of year to open your windows and turn off the air conditioning. Always be aware, and make sure you are closing and locking your windows when leaving your home. Two major reasons why is this is important: it is going to keep your home safe and secure, and the fall season brings rain, so don’t have unnecessary wind push the rain into your rooms.

Our secluded apartments are beautiful and private, pushed up next to the Root River Parkway. Another safety apartment tip for Overlook Lakes is to make sure your patio door and your garage door are always closed. This will deter any unwanted visitors or creatures on to your patio or into your garage. Also, the leaves are starting to rustle around.  Save time with a closed garage, so you don’t need to spend time sweeping out the leaves in your garage.

Another important apartment safety tips for us is to make sure your car is always locked. Overlook Lakes permits you to have two parking spots per unit; your garage space and the space in front of your garage. For the tenants who park outside their garage, make sure your car is always locked, especially now that the darkness is coming sooner. With a locked car, another tip is to never keep any valuable items visible.

The street lights in Greendale are lit at night and some of the lights by our garages are motion-sensored. We make sure Overlook Lake Apartments are safety lit. You can always keep your front door light or patio light on to make sure you have an easier and safer way to enter into your home. With these simple apartment safety tips, Overlook Lakes is a safe and beautiful community to live in. If you have any other safety concerns or tips for our apartment community, make sure to stop by the office and suggest it to our management team. Happy Fall!

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