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Tips for Saving Space in Your Apartment

There are many advantages to apartment living. Unlike when you own a home, in an apartment you don't really have to worry about property upkeep and maintenance or yard work or property taxes. You are spared from countless headaches of ownership. However, there is a big tradeoff. One thing lacking from many apartments is space. The amount of space you have for living and storage in the average apartment is typically a lot less than in house. In urban areas that are densely populated, this is especially true.

If you currently live in a smallish apartment, or you're thinking of downsizing to one, you might want some tips on how to make the most of the space you have. That's what this post is about. The points below are some quick ideas to help you save some space, allowing you to enhance your apartment living by making the space you have more functional and more comfortable.

Begin by Decluttering

One of the easiest ways to make your apartment feel bigger is by eliminating anything you don't actually need anymore. Critically look at everything you own and ask yourself whether or not you need each item. If it's closing you haven't worn in 6 months to a year, you can probably donate to Goodwill or a charity shop. If you have other items that you have not used, you might not need those things anymore either. Get rid of them.

Of course, if anything you wish to part with has monetary value, you can try selling them first. You can turn around and use the proceeds to buy space-saving storage containers or multifunctional furniture or accessories that will better help you to maximize your space.

Maximize Storage Space

Most apartments come up short on available storage space. However, with a little bit of creative thinking, you can make extra space in which you can store various belongings. For example, it might be possible to mount a shelf above your bathroom door, or maybe install a towel rack on the bathroom side of the door. Have you considered adding an extra clothing rod to your closet? You could position it about halfway between the existing rod and the floor.

If you don't have enough storage space for all your belongings, you can buy some beautiful boxes or baskets. Use them to contain the clutter. Simply by keeping your available space neat and tidy can help you feel that your apartment is a lot larger.

Consider Your Furniture Situation

What furniture do you have? Is it all suitable for the space available in your apartment? Perhaps you can get rid of some of the bulkier pieces and replace them with smaller items. As an example, you could replace a giant overstuffed sofa with a smaller futon. This can help your living area feel much bigger as this increases floor space. As an added bonus, you can convert the futon into a bed if you need to put up some overnight guests. As for tables, those with folding leaves can be convenient. You can keep the leaves folded when you don't need the table space and open up when you do.

Another option to think about is furniture that serves multiple purposes. A great example is a storage ottoman. Not only does this provide a comfortable place to stretch out and rest your feet, but you also get the enclosed storage space.

With just these three space-saving tips, you should be able to improve the feel of your apartment living by making better use of the space you have. Even if your apartment is extremely small, a little bit of creativity can go a long way. You should be able to find ways that will make the apartment feel larger and more comfortable without sacrificing functionality and flow.

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