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Tips For A Great Apartment Halloween Bash

While your apartment might be relatively quiet right now, when your Halloween bash is in full swing, it will be a hauntingly good place for everyone involved. To ensure that you pull off the perfect ghoulish affair, you need to have a few tricks and treats ready to go. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow which will help with this...

Start Planning Early

You will never be able to throw a legendary Halloween party if you wait until the last minute to organize everything. This is why you need to start planning early and organize everything for your party way ahead of time. You should be planning everything from the fold-away tables to the food and other refreshments. You need to think about everything that you need for your party in advance.

Have A Distinct And Demented Theme

When you choose a specific theme for your Halloween party, you should give your guests a bit of help with deciding what to wear and what to be. This will also help with the details of the party and your planning. When you think about your theme, you need to write down everything that comes to mind from textures to colors to recipes and characters. This can all be used to make your party the best of the year.

Stock Up On A Variety Of Snacks

You need to offer snacks that suit a wide range of tastes and ensure that everything is clearly marked for anyone who has allergies. While it is important that you please every palette, you do not want some of your guests to end the night in the emergency room. To save some money when stocking up, you should look at buying in bulk and before it gets too close to Halloween as the prices rise.

Create Creepy Invitations

It is important that you create some invitations with rules for guests, unless you want to host a party that is open to anyone who finds out about it. In the invitation, you will need to inform your guests about the theme of the party, the time, and any activities that you have planned. If there is someone on the guest list that you know often misbehaves, you need to put in a friendly reminder that if things get too far out of control, it will not be tolerated.

Ask Your Guests To Contribute

To reduce the burden you place on yourself and to ensure a nice mix, you should ask guests to contribute to the party. Bringing tricks and treats will vary the spread that you have, and you can ask them to set the foods on the table as they arrive. 

Pay Attention To The Age Of The Guests

If there are any young children going to the party, you need to ensure that there is nothing that will be too scary for them. Keep your party age appropriate unless you want screaming children in your apartment.

Have A Designated Driver Or Sleeping Plans

If you are going to serve alcohol, you need to plan in advance for excess. You should plan for when someone will be unable to drive themselves home by either having a designated driver or by planning for a sleepover.

Take Time To Decorate

You should give yourself at least a day to complete the decorating for your party. You should anticipate that something is going to go wrong such as streamers catching fire or running out of tape.

Go All Out On Your Own Costume

The costume that you wear needs to follow the theme of the party and stand out above the rest. If it is homemade, you should look at maximum creativity. If it is purchased from a store, you should avoid the discount rack or anything that is too generic.

Delegate Some Duties

Planning an epic party is a lot to handle and you should get a few people to help. They can help with a variety of tasks from serving food, to tending the bar, to keeping the guests from going over the balcony. Delegating some of the duties will help you have fun at the party along with everyone else. Of course, if you can recruit some friends to help you clean up after, that will be a real treat!

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