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Questions to Ask Before Moving From a House to Apartment

When hunting for an apartment, some people may, at some point, fall into a trap. With so many things to consider, and with the excitement of the idea of having a new place, things can get overwhelming and out of hand. In some cases, the change from moving from a house to an apartment can be shocking. So before you sign that lease, here are some questions to ask yourself. These will help you avoid any regrets in the long run by correctly setting your expectations.

Your Pets

For those of us with pets, they are like family. They are part of our daily lives, and every move we make involves them. Before you sign a lease with your new landlord, please check to make sure the apartment that you’re getting allows pets. It might surprise you to learn that some apartments can be quite particular with pets, allowing only a specific number of pets in the household, or potentially allowing only certain breeds.

Now that you have your pet moving in with you, the size of the apartment you are getting plays an important role as well. Are there enough rooms for your cat or dog to run around and play? Dogs can get bored and be a bit rowdy especially if there’s not much space available to play and exercise.

The Space

The amount of space and layout of your apartment is very crucial whether you have pets or not.

Moving from a house to an apartment can be quite a drastic change for some people, so it’s probably a good idea to check the apartment first thoroughly. Try to walk around and feel the space available. Envision your furniture in your new place and see how well they fit.

Do you like the flow between rooms? Does it feel as though it will be comfortable for you once you move in your stuff?

Keep Your Priorities Straight

If you can, try to make a checklist of priorities. It can be quite tempting to bring everything from your old home to your new apartment. There are moments when you feel like bringing everything, not because you like need it all, but because it somehow has sentimental value. I myself admit to being guilty to this.

The best way to downsize, assuming the apartment is smaller than your house, is to be honest and ask yourself which items you need to take with you and which ones you don’t. If you feel bad about throwing your stuff away, you can donate items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill or other organizations. Trust me, you’ll feel good knowing someone else will be giving your items the TLC they need.


As any real estate broker will highlight, the location of your apartment is also very important. It would be best if you consider this before you make the final decision on which apartment to choose. Ideally, we want our place to be close to those things that are most important to us.

It would be great if you can get an apartment that is close to your favorite establishments. If you enjoy walking, you can choose a location that is near your favorite salon, coffee shop, or gym. But if you don’t have a problem driving around, then choosing an apartment which is a couple of miles away is also fine. Maybe proximity to employment is higher priority. Or maybe you like the edge of the city for a less hectic pace.

These are the top concerns that apartment hunters often fail to consider. More often than not, these things are realized later on when everything has been signed, and by then there’s already the contract, so there’s no more backing out. Hopefully, this list can help you make the best decisions when it comes choosing the best new apartment for you.

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