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Preparing Your Apartment before Leaving for Summer Vacation

Preparing to go a summer vacation prior to school starting again or the temperatures begin decreasing? Now is the time to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather. Before heading out on the road or to the airport for your vacation, there are a few things you need to remember to do at your apartment.

Finishing a couple small tasks prior to your departure ensures that your return back home will not be a chore. Following the tips below will help you prepare your apartment correctly before going on vacation.

The Day before Leaving for Vacation

If you receive a number of emails per day from activities you are involved in, school, or work, set an email autoreply message while you are gone. By doing this it will ensure that anyone attempting to contact you will find out that you are away and they are not being ignored or forgotten.

Make sure to clean and organize your apartment. It is never good to arrive home from a vacation to an apartment that is messy and have to spend time cleaning it.

A couple chores to take care of before leaving are, sweeping and vacuuming the whole apartment, making sure all of your laundry is done and the clothes are put away after, cleaning out the leftovers/perishables from your refrigerator, and changing your bed sheets. This leaves your house smelling clean and fresh for you when you get home.

Be sure to set out everything you are bringing along on your trip near the front door so that you can wake up and go. If there are some things that you cannot pack the night before you depart for vacation, for instance your phone charger or toothbrush, write yourself a note as a reminder.

The Day of Departure

Make sure to keep your apartment maintained and save energy. This can be done by keeping your AC down while you are gone. Remember to unplug and turn off your electronics as well.

A very important tip to follow is eliminating fire hazards. Prior to leaving, make sure your stove and oven are off and there are not any candles left burning in your apartment. If you own a coffee maker with a timer, or made coffee in the morning, you should unplug it while you are gone on vacation just to be safe.

Be sure to make your bed. After coming home from a long trip, there is nothing better than looking at your bed that is all made and clean waiting for your next night of rest.

The last thing to remember is to take out the trash. Any food in the trash can, can really make the whole apartment smell bad if it is sitting in there for a few days. Please do not forget to take out the trash before you leave!

If you do all of the chores listed above, and lock all the windows and doors on the way out, you will come home to a clean apartment that will relax you and ease you back into your daily routine.

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