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Practicing Music in Your Apartment

Need to practice your music in the comforts of your home but worried about annoying your neighbors? Here are tips to help you maintain a good relationship with your lovely neighbors while you attend to your music practice...

Review Your Contract

Double check your contract to see if it says anything about playing music. Consider when it is acceptable to play music. Try to find out the time frame when playing instruments is okay observe those restrictions faithfully. This information alone can save you from being judged as rude or inconsiderate. If your contract doesn’t state anything about it, you can talk to your neighbors to come into an agreement which works best for all of you.

Communication is Key

Introduce yourself to your neighbors before you decide to move in. Not only is this polite but it will also allow you to get to know them. Try establishing a good relationship with your neighbors. Mention your hobbies. If you play the piano, let them know. They’ll be expecting you to lug in your baby grand as soon as you move in.

Provide them your number as a means of keeping communication lines open. In that way, you’re just a call or text away in case you get too absorbed with your hobby.

You might be lucky and have appreciative neighbors around who share the same hobby as yours. Who knows, they might even invite you for a cup of tea and some biscuits!

Choosing The Right Time to Practice

Take into consideration what time you’re going to practice your instrument. You can’t just hit the chords at 10:00 PM, right? Usually, people leave for work (or school) by 8:00 a.m. or earlier. They might not get back home until 6:00 p.m. That will provide you some time to practice your music. Be cautious playing in the afternoon in case those who do not go to school or work are taking afternoon naps. Again, communication is key. Try to align your schedule with theirs. Though a bit taxing, it shows your neighbors that you’re careful not to invade their personal spaces.

Use Mutes, Headphones, and Other Accessories

You might want to consider accessories that will help minimize the sound of your instruments, such as mutes. If you can, you can get an electronic instrument so you can control the speakers or even plug into a quality pair of headphones instead. This will provide you more options for practicing.

Specialized Space

If you must, you can transform one of the rooms in your home into a practice room. Though not the cheapest option, it will help you focus more on your hobby without having to worry about invading your neighbor’s personal space.

While being a responsible neighbor and perfecting your art are priorities, some may not understand how important practicing is. With these tips in mind, you do not need to worry about dealing with angry neighbors.

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