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Moving Into A Luxury Apartment From A House?

It can be rather exciting to move from a house into a new luxury apartment. Some might call it downsizing, but you don't have to look at it that way. Regardless of your reasons for making the move, here are some helpful tips that can get you headed in the right direction.

A couple questions to consider right away include where is your apartment located, and are you planning on using movers (or do you want to call on friends and family to put forth the manual effort)?

Then consider the choices you have when it comes to setting up the space in your luxury apartment. Does it come furnished for you, or partially-furnished, or is it empty and you have to bring in everything? Your answer to this will impact your move.

Ideally, you can walk through your new apartment after signing the lease and take some notes about the space, what's there, how you might like to use it, and what you'll need to make it your own. This way you will already know what to bring from your house, what to get rid of, and what you might need to purchase.


Let's assume you already signed the lease for your newly chosen apartment, and you had a chance to walk through and gain a little familiarity with the layout of your new space and what comes with it. Are there some furnishings that you don't like and would prefer to remove? Will the furniture you already own fit into your new apartment? How does the square footage of your new luxury apartment compare to your house? Often times people are moving into a smaller space in this case. If so, you might have to think about getting rid of some pieces of existing furniture. And certainly, if your new apartment is furnished, that is also going to come into play.

As you consider the implications of your move, you must determine what you are going to do with the extra furniture that you cannot use. Should you have a yard sale? If so, it's a good idea to get organized for the sale well before your moving day(s). If you have already decided to eliminate some of the furniture before the move, and you will not be taking your biggest, heaviest furniture, then maybe you won't need to hire a professional moving company. You will have made the job easier in advance.

Moving In

Clearly, you can reduce the cost of the move if you do not hire movers. And you can pocket some extra cash if you are able to sell your no-longer-needed belongings at a yard sale. Even so, you will still have many boxes to pack up and take to your apartment. But smaller things are much easier to pack. They are also easier to transport since you can get away with putting boxes into cars and trunks. Pickups, SUVs, and minivans are also helpful. And if you still have a few larger items you might consider renting a truck. That makes it easy to load up with boxes too, reducing your need for a caravan.

Make sure you label all the boxes according to what room it belongs in. That way when you get to the other end, everyone can help unload and they won't have to bother you asking where each thing goes. This will make the unloaded quick and easy. It also helps you during those first couple days of disarray. You will be able to find the things you need much quicker.

Final Thoughts

You are moving into a luxury apartment, so is it nicer than your home? Sometimes that can be a bonus when you choose to leave the house and downsize into luxury. But even if you'll miss your house, keep in mind that there are other perks of apartment living. For example, you no longer have to take care of the yard or the building maintenance. Someone else gets those chores!

If you like the idea of moving into a luxury apartment, but you have not yet checked us out, please take a look at the luxury apartments and our amenities here at Overlook Lakes.

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