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How to Set Up A Home Gym At Your Apartment

Wouldn't it be nice to have the convenience of a home gym? The problem is that you live in an apartment. It might not be tiny, but it's not like the space you might have in a house. No problem! I put together a few useful tips that can help you get started with a home gym in your apartment.

Designate Some Space

The key to making space available for a new home gym in your apartment is to come up with some good storage solutions. You have to be willing to rearrange and reorganize your apartment. For example, instead of storing your CDs and DVDs on towers that take up floor space, you can move them to shelves mounted on your walls. Consider getting rid of some of the large furniture in favor or those that are smaller and more easily moved. This way you can clear the exercise space easily anytime you want to.

Whenever possible, take advantage of wall space for storage. It's helpful to go vertical instead of consuming space that you might need while exercising. Another option is to change the way you use some of your space. For example, you might have a small dining room that could be converted into your home gym if you had another solution for eating. Would it be possible to get a few bar stools and eat at a counter or island in your kitchen? Or maybe the table could shift into part of the living room.

Also think about where you will store your workout gear. Storage containers are nice, but unless you have somewhere convenient to store them, they will take up more floor space. Another option is to find furniture that has built-in storage space. This way it's easy to hide your things out of the way and still use the furniture when you're not exercising.

Get The Proper Equipment And Supplies

Here are some essential things you will need, that do not take up much space or have a high price tag.

Yoga mat. There's not much more essential than this for a home gym. If you have hard floors, the yoga mat will make your exercise much more comfortable and safe. If you have a carpeted floor, the yoga mat will save some wear and tear and help to preserve your security deposit. You can get a nice yoga mat in the $15 to $20 range. Besides cushioning your impact and providing extra comfort, a yoga mat can also help define your available workout space. It can help create a boundary so show the space designated for exercise.

Weights. You should start out with a small set and then add more as you progress. Some will find that a set of 5-pound, 10-pound, and 15-pound weights is a good place to begin. You can go smaller too. Amazon has a 3, 5, and 8 pound set. Or you could opt for a dumbbell set that lets you change the weights. None of these options take up much space.

Pull-up bar. This is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that is easily portable. Get a pull-up bar that you can hook above a door and be easily taken down and put away when you're not using it. This way you have a piece of equipment that takes up no extra space and yet you can get an excellent workout each time you pull it out.

Resistance bands. This is another item that takes up nearly zero space. Resistance bands are another very effective item to have among your workout assets. Overall, they are extremely safe to use and you will not need a spotter like you would when using heavier weights.

Workout videos. Workouts in video format can provide guidance to help you exercise your entire body. Videos that come from professional coaches will provide clear instructions to help you understand the best ways to perform the exercises they present. There are good DVD options as well as streaming exercise videos like this option from BeachBody.

Larger exercise equipment. You can go bigger than what I have already described. If you have available space and an appropriate budget, you can consider an exercise bike, elliptical, or rowing machine. There are many options, and some of them are compact enough that they could fit in an apartment without taking up too much space.

Beyond the equipment, it's helpful if you work to create an environment that inspires you. Adding a personal touch to enhance the ambiance of your new home gym can increase your motivation and make a big difference to help you get effective workouts. You can add mirrors to a wall so that you can easily watch your form and make sure it stays correct. You can use music to keep yourself pumped up and inspired. Install a stereo system and use CDs or MP3s to play your favorites while you exercise. And, hang up some inspirational quotes or photos on the walls.

Whatever you do, make sure your new home gym has whatever you need so that you are inspired and motivated to use it. That's the only way it works!

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