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How To Enhance Your House: Incorporate Color Feng Shui

Were you aware of the fact that getting the right colors incorporated into your home can do amazing things? If you would like to revamp or create a new color scheme at your house, then you may want to use feng shui to take things to the next level. Every color will enhance the energies that you desire and also provide your home with harmony and balance. From calming aqua blue to vivid red, find out which colors are the best to use in your house. 


This color strongly represents the element of fire. It provides joy, excitement, and energy. It also has been said across cultures that red is a lucky color. It is used best in the dining room since it can provide a feeling of awakening and help with digestion.    


This color is associated with happiness and will definitely provide any space with happiness. Also, this color creates a nice feeling of health and coziness so it can be a good option for children's rooms as well. However, since the color yellow also raises mental awareness, it also can be a great color choice if you have a home office (since it is known for alleviating headaches also).  


My favorite color is blue since it represents calmness, peace, and tranquility for me. In feng shui, it represents the element of water. Since blue is available in a number of different shades, you are able to select any shade since it provides for tranquil contemplation, free flowing energy, and a feeling of concentration as well. Blue can be used in your bathroom as well to provide you with a calm feeling.      


Associated with wealth quite often, it signifies growth and balance as well. Like yellow, green is also a good color for using in the kitchen because it nourishes your health. It not only provides a feeling of fresh energy, it brings nature vibration into our bodies as well. When the color green is used in your home, try incorporating different shades of green since it maximizes the energy of feng shui. 


This color has long been viewed as mysterious and noble. It is associated frequently with royalty since it symbolizes prosperity. Also purple represents the element of fire, since the color provides very high vibration. The best thing to do is to use this color in moderation. You might want to use the color purple in pillows or your decor rather than having entire walls in that color. Since it is a healing color, it is best to use it in healing or meditation spaces.      


Have you ever wondered why a white space is so satisfying? The reason is because all of the colors are contained in white. The color white is associated with freshness, innocence, and purity. This color represents the metal element as well. If you have areas in your home that are dedicated for creativity, this color can be used to spark clarity in you.


If you think that red is a color that is too strong to use in your house but you still would like the benefits offered by the fire element, then you can opt for orange instead. It provides the feng shui energy that is needed to provide your home with good times and stimulate lively conversations.   


If you cannot decide if you want to go for white or black, you can instead choose gray, which is the color that is in between. The actual color is sophisticated, and provides a precise color which helps to eliminate distractions also. Gray represents the element of metal. It is used best as an accent color, which provides your home with beautiful centering energy.

There are a number of different colors for you to choose from depending on what your needs are. Those colors not only provide your home with sophistication, but also help restore and balance the energy within your living space.

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