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How To Downsize From Your Home To An Apartment

It sounds fun downsizing from your home to an apartment, and it is for sure, but you're going to need to be organized. You need a solid plan. When done correctly, downsizing can save you time and money, and it can provide you with a more comfortable and luxurious space. A lot of work goes into keeping house!

You are waving goodbye to taking care of a big home, and you are downsizing to an apartment. First, are you moving by yourself or with others? If you are with others, you need to be sure that each person has the same idea about downsizing. In other words, you want to be sure that everyone is on the same page. 

Think about your lifestyle and where you can make sacrifices. You are likely going to find out that it's time to have a massive yard sale. Alternatively, you can give away certain belongings to family and friends. If you want to put a ton of items in storage, that's not downsizing. 

In all seriousness, you're prepared to take this step and simplify your life! Right?

Is your new space furnished? If it is, you will want to see what you are looking at in terms of furniture so that you can decide what to keep. It could be that you switch out some of the furniture in the apartment with some furniture you already own. 

You will definitely be downsizing the amount of furniture you have in general. Think about all the 'stuff' you own, too, and what type of storage space you have inside your apartment. By the way, there is nothing wrong with renting a small storage shed on the side either. You just don't want to stick everything that doesn't fit in storage because that's not downsizing.

Even people who are excited and on-point often make the mistake of wanting to keep too much stuff. It happens simply because they aren't yet acclimated to what downsizing is truly going to mean for them. Think in terms of the fact that everything needs to have a specific purpose. Also, you want to keep the clutter out. 

Keeping the clutter out is easier said than done. It's one thing to clear the clutter from your existing home. But when you get into the apartment, everything you bring could still quite easily clutter your space. You're going to have to work at it for sure. With the right game plan and perspective, it's going to be liberating and fun. 

People often love to hold on to all kinds of belongings. You are already in the downsizing mode, but allow me to interject with one more piece of advice. Think 'quality' and also, consider items that have more than one purpose. 

In terms of quality, you are focusing on setting up a luxurious space. Look over your new space thoroughly, and start to develop the rest of your plan. It's time to start downsizing from your home to a nice luxury apartment.

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