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How to Determine What Size Apartment to Rent

Are you searching for an apartment that would work well based on your needs? Considering the size of the apartment that you are looking for is important. There are some apartments that are larger than others and the larger they are, the more rent typically costs.

Here are some tips to consider to make sure you find the correct size apartment for you. First you want to determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would like, then figure out if your furniture is going to be able to fit in the amount of space you have, make sure to take a tour of the apartment, check around to see if it is a good deal, and make sure it is a perfect fit for your budget.

How many Bedrooms and Bathrooms?

Before you start your search for an apartment, consider the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms that you will need. This is a crucial starting point. It determines the exact type of unit you will want to view.

Is There Enough Space for the Furniture You Currently Own?

When moving into an apartment, it is important to make sure that the furniture you already own is going to fit before you start searching for new furniture.

An easy way to do this would be to measure the furnitures’ height, width, and depth. Once this is done, write down the measurements. Then take two pieces of graph paper and establish the measurement of one square foot. On one piece of graph paper, use a marker to draw out the dimensions of the rooms including the dining room, bedroom(s), and living room. You will need a floor plan of your apartment to do this.

On the next piece of paper, draw out the dimensions of your furniture. Then take a scissors and cut out the pieces of furniture. Once they are cut out, put them on the first piece of graph paper to determine if the furniture will fit. Make sure to keep in mind the traffic patterns and chairs or dresser drawers that will need to be pulled out. There are free online layout planners available to assist you as well. Search Room Styler or Plan Your Room.

Take a Tour of the Apartment (or a Similar Unit)

While taking a tour of the apartment with the leasing agent, inquire about the similarities and differences to the one that is available. It is good to remember the major pieces of furniture you currently own and their dimensions. Bringing along a tape measure would be very wise so you can see if all of the furniture will fit.

Is the Apartment a Good Deal for You?

Consider the monthly rent, the square footage of the unit, and if all or some of the utilities are included, when deciding if the apartment is indeed a good deal for you.

Is it a Perfect Fit for Your Budget?

Almost anyone who rents an apartment would agree that a bigger unit is better, but you have to make sure it is affordable for you. Many times space and value can vary a great deal from apartment to apartment even within the same city. One side of the city could offer a larger living space for less while on the other side of the city it is the opposite.

Here are some things to remember when considering apartment living. It is important to focus on lifestyle, location, and reputation. Keep in mind larger is not always better and could result in greater utility bills. Hopefully these tips will assist you in making the correct decision in selecting the right apartment for you.

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