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Creatively Hide Wires and Cords in Your Apartment

These days, it is not easy to have an apartment that is free of various electronics and interesting tech gadgets. In fact, you might have so many that the wires and cables connecting them all are a nuisance.

It doesn't look nice when you have cords and other wires going all over your apartment. It's untidy, and you are creating potential hazards. The good news is that you can use your creativity to hide many of the cords and wires that run between your devices and power sources.

#1 - Use Binder Clips

You can find binder clips at any office supply or stationery store. While they are made to hold paper together, they have a variety of other potential uses.

For example, you can use binder clips to control the spread of long wires that might be coiled up on your apartment floor. You can fold the wires into small bundles and then use binder clips to hold the bundles tightly in place. This is a good step to organize the cords lying around your apartment.

Furthermore, binder clips can prevent cords and wines from getting tangled up. You know it's a pain to untangle a spaghetti pile of wires. Instead, neatly fold the wires, secure them with a clip, and then put them away in drawers where you can retrieve when needed. By doing this your cables will be easy to grab when you need them.

#2 - Be Sneaky with Books

Do you have wires running along a side board or leading up to a TV mounted on the wall? You can arrange books in front to hide them. This is really simple. Just stack some books across the console and arrange them so that no wires are sticking out or visible.

#3 - Try the Magicians Cloth Trick

Perhaps you have a desk that does not have a solid back. In this case you might have a lot of wires hanging down in clear view for all to see. It's easy to hide them with a piece of cloth put in a strategic location. You can choose the material you want, and pick a good color for the room, preferably one that also complements the desk. Then, all you have to do is attach the cloth on the back side of the desk over the wires. Everything between the cloth and the desk will be hidden.

#4 - Use a Gift Box

Here's a great way to disquise power strips. You can use a small gift box, or even a decorated shoe box. First, cut holes into the side of the box so that you have a path for the cords. Then put the power strip in the box. Push the cords through the hole and plug the cords into the power strip. Doing this will help keep the mess of wires connecting to the strip neatly hidden. It also makes it easier to clean around the power strip without having to dust a tangle of wires.

See, with a bit of creativity, you can come up with many ways to hide cords and other wires in your apartment. Use books to hide cords that cannot be moved. Use binder clips to shorten the span of long wires. Hide with cloth to create decoration over the wires. Or, creatively blend the cords into your decoration.

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