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Bring Nature Into Your Apartment

If you're the type of person who enjoys nature and the great outdoors, then you might have toyed with the idea of turning your apartment into your very own nature sanctuary. The thought of bringing nature inside your home probably excited you but, unfortunately, you just don't have the know how. Google doesn't even seem to be very helpful. I myself tried Googling tips on how to do this but unfortunately, I only got images of shrubs and branches inside the home, which I personally feel, is not a practical approach to bringing nature inside my apartment, so I decided to just make my own list and share it with you! Below are tips on how to bring nature inside sans the stress and the mess!

Go For Potted Plants

Plants do not solely belong outdoors. Have you heard the phrase "indoor plants"? That's precisely what these are for. If you wish to purify the air inside your home, then you can opt for these plants. Each plant has its own purifying abilities (as discussed in our previous blog post), so there's a reason behind why potted plants are a decorating mainstay. By bringing plants indoors, you are actually doing yourself and your family's health a favor. Not to mention, you're also helping yourself by decorating your space.

Plants are great to have as decorations! The color green has a lot of benefits and one of of those is to help you relax. It's also very easy on the eyes. If your job requires you to be in front of the computer for hours every day, then having plants (or something green!) can help alleviate your eyestrain.

If you're not into having plants inside your home because of the upkeep they might require, then you can choose faux plants. From faux leaves to faux flowers, I'm sure that your local store carries fake plants for display. Choose fake plants that don't look too fake though. They are often cheaper and easier maintain than the real thing.

Choose Wall Art

Choosing the right wall art is as important as bringing plants (real or fake) inside your home. You don't exactly need taxidermied deer heads hanging on your wall for your space to exude nature. In fact, you will be surprised that with wall art, the sky's the limit. High-definition, large-scale photography that beautifully captures scenes like fields, waterfalls, and hiking trails are great examples of what you can put on your wall.

Shadow boxes that contains pre-curated gifts from nature like preserved leaves, unique rocks, seashells, starfish can also do the trick.

Use Natural Building Materials

If you are looking for an excuse to do some serious remodeling and you have the cash available, then you may want to consider natural building materials such as naturally cut stones and knotted wood. For accent walls, flooring, and some pieces of furniture, you can choose natural wood grain textures. You can use naturally cut stones in mosaic paneling and accent walls. The swirling designs of marble can also provide a classic look to countertops or flooring.

You don't need to admire nature from the outdoors, in fact, with the right balance, and by incorporating these wonderful tips, you can capture the great outdoors and essence of nature without all the hassle and mess in the comfort of your very own home.

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